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  ADB Report to the Second Global Aid for Trade Review (July 2009)  
  Mobilizing Aid-for-Trade Focus Asia and the Pacific Report and Recommendations (November 2007)  
  Aid for Trade: How ADB can Help (September 2007)  
  Mobilizing Aid-for-Trade Focus Asia and the Pacific Conference Proceedings (November 2007)  
  Regional Cooperation and Integration (RCI) Strategy (July 2006)  
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  Second Global Review on Aid for Trade: Summary Report (July 2009)  
  Aid for Trade at a Glance 2009: Maintaining Momentum (July 2009)  
  Joint WTO-OECD Background Paper (May 2009)  
  2009 Aid for Trade Roadmap  
  Recommendations of the Task Force on Aid for Trade, WTO (July 2006)  
  Doha Ministerial Declaration, WTO (December 2005)  
  Aid for Trade Making it Effective, OECD (July 2006)  
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  Trade Remedies - A Tool Kit (December 2009)  
  Global Economic Crisis and ADB's Response: An Update (December 2009)  
  Asian Development Outlook 2009 Update Special Note (December 2009)  
  Asia Economic Monitor (December 2009)  
  Intra-Regional Trade in East Asia: The Decoupling Fallacy, Crisis, and Policy Challenges, ADBI Working Paper Series No. 177 (December 2009)  
  Pacific Economic Monitor, Issue No. 3 (November 2009)  
  Designing and Implementing Trade Facilitation in Asia and the Pacific (November 2009)  
  Roads for Asian Integration: Measuring ADB’s Contribution to the Asian Highway Network (November 2009)  
  The Global Economic Crisis: Implications for Asia-Pacific and ADB (May 2009)  
  Infrastructure for a Seamless Asia (May 2009)  
  How to Design, Negotiate, and Implement a Free Trade Agreement in Asia (April 2008)  
  Pan-Asian Integration: Linking East and South Asia (March 2009)  
  Economics and Trade in Goods: An Introduction, An ADB–ITD Training Module for the Greater Mekong Subregion (January 2009)  
  Trade and Investment in Services: An ADB–ITD Training Module for the Greater Mekong Subregion (January 2009)  
  Asian Development Outlook  
  Asian Economic Monitor  
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