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OREI launches AEIM April 2014

Apr 2014

Iwan J. Azis, Head of ADB's Office of Regional Economic Integration (OREI), said closer cooperation and dialogue among Asia's policymakers are needed to better respond to future economic shocks. At a seminar held at the Asian Institute of Management, Azis also stressed that innovative disaster risk financing can strengthen the region's financial resilience to natural disasters. Full report | News Release

RCI Seminar and Launch of the Asian Economic Integration Monitor (AEIM) April 2014 Issue

Apr 2014

ADB and the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) on 22 April at the Fuller Hall, AIM, Makati City jointly sponsored the seminar on regional cooperation and integration, where the AEIM April 2014 issue was also be launched. Go to the official event page. Download program.

ADB Policy Brief No. 13 - Going Global: Can the People's Republic of China Lead the Recovery in FDI flows?

Apr 2014

Following the 2008/09 global financial crisis, weaker risk appetite of investors from the United States (US) and Europe led the world to increasingly look towards emerging economies such as the People's Republic of China (PRC) to revive investment flows. M. Zhou and X. Yao explore the characteristics of FDI flows from the PRC and their role in driving the recovery of global FDI flows. Read more.

ADB Policy Brief No. 9 - Deepening India's Shallow Export Basket

Mar 2014

Though India has concluded a number of FTAs already, there is little evidence that these have boosted trade to a significant degree. Would an FTA with the PRC be any different? K. Chaturvedi suggests that the nature of the bilateral relationship opens the door for an FTA to spur much-needed domestic reform that can unlock India’s trade potential. Read more.

Inclusive Development in the Greater Mekong Subregion: An Assessment

Feb 2014

The study, “Inclusive Development in the GMS: An Assessment” —the most recent output of the Greater Mekong Subregion Development Analysis Network (GMS-DAN)— includes five GMS country chapters and a synthesis chapter, compiling data and information from the five country reports to produce an analysis of the GMS as a whole. Download report.

RCI Publications List 1992-2013

Mar 2014

ADB's Regional Cooperation and Integration Community of Practice (RCI CoP) and the Asia Regional Integration Center (ARIC) release an updated bibliographic list of RCI publications. The list includes books, journals, working papers, reports, conference proceedings, and background papers. Download the RCI Publications List.



25 Apr 2014

  • PHI  Imports
  • PHI  Trade Balance
  • JPN  CPI
  • SIN  IPI
  • THA  IPI
  • THA  Total Capacity Utilization
  • KOR  Consumer Confidence
  • US  Consumer Confidence
  • US  PMI

27 Apr 2014

  • JPN  Monetary Policy

    28 Apr 2014

    • GER  Retail Sales
    • HKG  Exports
    • HKG  Imports
    • HKG  Trade Balance
    • JPN  Retail Sales
    • PRC  Leading Index
    • TAP  Leading Index
    • US  Pending Home Sales

    29 Apr 2014

    • GER  Consumer Confidence
    • US  Housing Prices
    • KOR  Current Account
    • NZL  Exports
    • NZL  Imports
    • NZL  Trade Balance
    • EA  Business Confidence
    • EA  Consumer Confidence
    • EA  Economic Confidence
    • GER  CPI
    • US  Consumer Confidence
    • VIE  Exports
    • VIE  IPI
    • VIE  Imports
    • VIE  Retail Sales
    • VIE  Trade Balance
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    Euro 0.72 0.10
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    All Metals 237.84 0.00
    Aluminum 1,839.50 -0.12
    Brent Oil 110.26 1.14
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