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The Noodle Bowl Effect: Stumbling or Building Block?

Aug 2015

A proliferation of free trade agreements between individual countries, known as the “noodle bowl effect”, has negative effects on trade. Yet, basic game theory shows that they could instead be beneficial. This paper explores an economy’s incentive for entering a free trade agreement (FTA) rather than anticipating a global trade regime.

Aid for Trade in Asia and the Pacific: Thinking Forward About Trade Costs and the Digital Economy

July 2015

Aid for Trade (AfT) flows have increased each year since 2006 in the region. And while regional aggregate trade costs continue to fall, many subregions continue to struggle with trade costs that are substantially higher than the global average.

RCI Chat July-August 2015

Aug 2015

Grab a copy of July-August 2015 issue of RCI Chat! RCI Chat tracks regional cooperation and integration news in Asia focusing on cross-border infrastructure, trade and investment, money and finance, and regional public good

Declining growth of output per worker in Asia: so what and what now?

Jul 2015

Since the early 2000s, labor productivity growth, or the growth of output per worker (measured by GDP divided by employment), has been declining in most economies in Asia. Reducing the number of poor people typically requires a satisfactory rate of growth of the economic pie and has to be accompanied by rising incomes. So falling productivity may also jeopardize the efforts of governments to reduce poverty.


04 Sep 2015

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  • MAL  Trade Balance
  • FRA  Consumer Confidence
  • US  Unemployment
  • EA  Monetary Policy

06 Sep 2015

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    07 Sep 2015

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    • TAP  CPI
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    • TAP  WPI

    08 Sep 2015

    • EA  GDP
    • FRA  Exports
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    • FRA  Trade Balance
    • GER  Current Account
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