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The online library features an extensive collection of publications, including working papers, policy papers, journal articles, and published books, as well as indicators related to Finance Resilience.

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Local Currency Bond Market Development and Currency Stability amid Market Turmoil

Using data from global economies, this study finds that in economies with more developed LCY bond markets, exchange rate volatility is lower during market turmoil. Currency volatility is lowered in bond markets with a greater share of LCY bonds and long-term bonds, even during normal times. The findings suggest that LCY bond market development contributes to financial stability especially during stress times.
July 2023

Green Finance for Asian State-Owned Enterprises: An Opportunity to Accelerate the Green Transition

The report explores how SOEs can develop and deploy sustainable financial instruments, in particular green bonds, to help finance their green transition. To accelerate the successful adoption of green finance tools in Asia’s emerging economies, the publication examines how their SOEs can improve operations to make better use of green capital markets, enabling a healthier environment and a more resilient future.
June 2023

The Role of Central Bank Digital Currencies in Financial Inclusion: Asia–Pacific Financial Inclusion Forum 2022

The publication provides recommendations for policy makers and regulators on designing central bank digital currencies, establishing preconditions, and managing risk. It shares insights from the Asia–Pacific Financial Inclusion Forum, a policy initiative of the Asia–Pacific Economic Cooperation Finance Ministers’ Process.
March 2023