AEIR 2021

GDP grew by 8.2% in FY2019 on robust growth in both industry and services. Before the COVID-19 global pandemic struck, GDP growth was expected to moderate but remain strong at 7.8% in FY2020. However, the spillovers from global pandemic could cost Bangladesh from 4.3% of GDP (under a 3-month containment scenario) to 6.6% (6-month scenario). Private investment is expected to remain subdued. Expanded government development spending, favorable trends in power production, and reforms to better mobilize domestic resources may reduce the effects of the pandemic. Inflation is expected to stay in check, and the current account deficit will narrow further.

Asian Development Outlook 2020; “An Updated Assessment of the Economic Impact of COVID-19.” ADB Briefs No. 133. May 2020.
Latest Month-Ago Year-Ago
Composite Stock Price Index 1 5.0 (Feb21)5.0 4.0
Broad Money Growth 2 14.2 (Dec20)14.2 14.0
Headline Inflation Rate 3 5.0 (Jan21)5.3 5.6
Industrial/ Manufacturing Production Growth Rate 3 2.7 (Oct20)6.6 6.0
Merchandise Export Growth 3 5.5 (Nov20)5.5 -5.5
Exchange Rate Index 4 127.5 (Feb21)127.5 127.5
1 Monthly average, local index.
2 %.
3 y-o-y, %.
4 Monthly average, January 2006 = 100, $/local currency.
Source: Bloomberg LP; CEIC database; Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics; Bangladesh Bank.

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