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Asian Economic Integration Report 2023

Trade, Investment, and Climate Change in Asia and the Pacific

February 2023
The Asian Economic Integration Report (AEIR) reviews Asia and the Pacific’s progress on regional cooperation and integration and the states of trade, cross-border investment, financial integration, and the movement of people. According to the 2023 report, integration in the region is progressing steadily and remained stable in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s theme chapter, “Trade, Investment, and Climate Change in Asia and the Pacific”, examines how trade and investment, which have been the main driver of the region’s economic growth and industrialization, contribute to climate change, and what policy measures need to be taken to make trade and investment part of climate solutions.

Featured publications:

Integrated Approach to Trade and Transport Facilitation: Measuring Readiness for Sustainable, Inclusive, and Resilient Trade

The report examines the current state of trade and transport facilitation, analyzes gaps in the available guidance, and provides strategic recommendations. It includes a framework for the assessment of trade readiness at national and subnational levels and illustrates its implementation through case studies of Cambodia and Thailand. The report aims to help governments boost the region's recovery from COVID-19 disruption by making cross-border trading and transport arrangements more efficient and more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable.
December 2022

Unlocking the Potential of Digital Services Trade in Asia and the Pacific

This book explains how rapid digitalization during COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of digital services trade in Asia and the Pacific, and provides analysis on the opportunities, challenges, and associated risks.
November 2022

Toward Inclusive Access to Trade Finance: Lessons from the Trade Finance Gaps, Growth, and Jobs Survey

Since 2012, ADB has conducted a Trade Finance Gaps, Growth, and Jobs Survey. Reflecting on the survey results, the report provides insights on trade finance trends, analysis, and lessons and identifies what needs to happen to ensure access to trade finance is more inclusive. The report discusses the rapid digitalization in trade and trade finance markets and advocates for increased international cooperation to enable the full benefits of digitization to be realized.
August 2022

Regional Cooperation and Integration Publications List 1992–2022

A bibliographical compilation of Books, Reports and Studies, Policy Briefs, Working Papers, Journal Articles, Conference Proceedings, Newsletters, Brochures, Op-Eds, Blogs, Speeches, and more.
RCI Thematic Group Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department

Managing the Development of Digital Marketplaces in Asia

This volume explores topics that include trade and e-commerce, fintech payments, the digital divide, promoting competition, the digitalization of work and the role of universal basic income, and international taxation.
December 2021
Edited by: Cyn-Young Park, James Villafuerte, and Josef T. Yap

Nonperforming Loans in Asia and Europe—Causes, Impacts, and Resolution Strategies

The volume highlights the need for decisive and comprehensive policy action to help manage NPLs swiftly. It explores the legal and economic conditions conducive to NPL resolution, the role of asset management companies, the potential of technological solutions, and the importance of regional financial cooperation.
December 2021
Edited by: John Fell, Maciej Grodzicki, Junkyu Lee, Reiner Martin, Cyn-Young Park, and Peter Rosenkranz

Redefining Strategic Routes to Financial Resilience in ASEAN+3

This edited book volume highlights the scope for stronger regional financial cooperation to address the region’s financial challenges and vulnerabilities. It offers policy considerations on how regional financial cooperation could progress toward greater financial resiliency and stability amid rapid economic and financial development with technological changes.
December 2021
Edited by: Diwa Guinigundo, Masahiro Kawai, Cyn-Young Park, and Ramkishen S. Rajan

Future of Regional Cooperation in Asia and the Pacific

This book is a collection of papers contributed by renowned scholars and Asian Development Bank staff on four major areas: public goods, trade and investment, financial cooperation, and regional health cooperation. It emphasizes how the region can better leverage regional integration in realizing its vast potential while overcoming challenges such as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.
November 2020
Edited by: Bambang Susantono, Cyn-Young Park

Navigating COVID-19 in Asia and the Pacific

This book is a collection of contributions from ADB staff and experts on diverse policy themes. These include tackling the economic fallout, supporting SMEs, protecting the vulnerable, ensuring food security, and building resilient trade and supply chains while emphasizing the importance of quality infrastructure, disaster risk management, digital acceleration, and regional cooperation in building back better together.
September 2020
Edited by: Bambang Susantono, Yasuyuki Sawada, Cyn-Young Park

ARIC archived publications

Asian Economic Integration Monitor

The AEIM evolved from the Asia Economic Monitor (AEM), which—since December 2001—continued the work of the Asia Recovery Report in monitoring the impact of the 1997/98 Asian financial crisis and policy response. The AEIM expands its coverage to all of Asia and the Pacific.

This new semiannual series combines two important elements of ADB’s knowledge portfolio—regional economic and financial monitoring and an assessment of developments in regional cooperation and integration (RCI). Intended to keep track of the region’s progress, the AEIM reviews recent economic performance, assesses new RCI developments in Asia and the Pacific and its subregions, and—in a special section—analyzes initiatives or events that will affect the process of cooperation and integration.


RCI Chat

The bimonthly newsletter of the Asia Regional Integration Center.

RCI Information Pack

The monthly Regional Cooperation and Integration (RCI) Information Pack monitors RCI news and events, categorized under the four RCI pillars of (i) cross-border infrastructure, (ii) trade and investment, (iii) money and finance, and (iv) regional public goods. It also presents high-frequency monetary, financial, and trade indicators, which—taken together—can help monitor the economic links between the economies of Asia and the Pacific, and major partners outside the region. The RCI Information Pack is published by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), produced by ADB’s Office of Regional Economic Integration (OREI).

Asia Economic Monitor

A semiannual analysis of economic performance, outlook, and policy issues for 14 emerging East Asian economies. It includes a special section on current global and regional economic issues.

RCI Digest

The Digest follows the progress of regional cooperation and integration (RCI) in the following areas: cross-border infrastructure; trade and investment; money and finance; and regional public goods. It features articles on regional and subregional RCI initiatives, in collaboration with ADB’s Regional Departments.

  • December—January 2013

ADB Working Paper Series on Regional Economic Integration

The Series focuses on topics relating to regional cooperation and integration in the areas of infrastructure, trade and investment, money and finance, and regional public goods.



A collection of books on regional cooperation and integration in Asia and the Pacific, either published by the ADB or authored by ADB staff and consultants.



Economic almanac, statistical yearbooks, and other regular publications of international organizations and government agencies of 15 emerging Asian economies.



Research, working, and discussion papers on regional cooperation and integration and various economic policy issues from international and government sources.