AEIR 2019/2020

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Macroeconomic Indicators
Regional Cooperation and Integration database:

Regional Cooperation and Integration database:

Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation and Integration Index

The Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation and Integration Index (ARCII) is a composite index that measures the degree of regional cooperation and integration in Asia and the Pacific. ARCII comprises six dimensional indices based on 26 indicators to capture the contributions of six different aspects of regional integration: (i) trade and investment, (ii) money and finance, (iii) regional value chains, (iv) infrastructure and connectivity, (v) free movement of people, and (vi) institutional and social integration. The construction of ARCII follows two steps: first, the 26 indicators have been weight-averaged in each of the 6 dimensions to produce six composite dimensional indices; second, these six dimensional indices are weight-averaged to generate an overall index of regional integration. In each step, the weights are determined based on principal component analysis.

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Data on the 26 socioeconomic indicators used to compute for the index is available for download.
Table 1: ARCII Index Composition and Data Sources
Table 2: Country Coverage
Table 3: ARCII Panel PCA-Derived Weights