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  • Updated FTA Database now available
    August 2018
    The growing trend in Asia to open up trade with non-traditional markets and economies outside the region intensified, according to the August 2018 update of the ARIC FTA database. Overall, 155 FTAs are currently in force in Asia. Twelve FTAs are signed but not yet in effect while 82 FTAs have launched negotiations.
  • New Database: ASEAN+3 Financial Stress Index
    August 2018
    The Financial Stress Index (FSI) is a composite index that measures how global and regional shocks trigger stress in 4 major finance sectors: banking, debt, equity, and foreign exchange markets. Read more and download data.
  • Asia's FTAs as living agreements: Creating new opportunities amid global trade uncertainties
    July 2018
    Amidst loud trade tensions created by unorthodox trade policy moves, the upgrading of existing Asian FTAs  quietly emerges as a harbinger of trade liberalization opportunities in a global trade picture increasingly dotted by inward-looking policies. Read blog.
  • New Database: Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation and Integration Index
    July 2018
    ARCII is a composite index that measures the degree of regional cooperation and integration in the region. It comprises 6 dimensions based on 26 indicators. The database also includes comparable index for Africa, European Union, and Latin America. Read more and download data.
  • Pacific Economic Monitor - July 2018
    July 2018
    The July 2018 issue of the Pacific Economic Monitor explores the importance of improving the quality of and access to basic and sustainable utilities in ADB's Pacific developing member countries.
  • Embracing the E-commerce Revolution in Asia and the Pacific
    June 27 2018
    The report reviews the opportunities and challenges in developing e-commerce in the region. It also examines how new technologies—blockchains, the internet of things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, among others—will transform the industry and unlock its dynamic potential. It also offers policy recommendations to help lower barriers to e-commerce development. See news release.
  • Should emerging markets worry about higher interest rates and a strong dollar?
    31 May 2018
    Warren Buffett famously quipped: “You only find out who’s swimming naked once the tide goes out.” With the rising interest rate and stronger dollar heralding tighter credit markets and possibility of flow reversals, now is the time for emerging economies to take careful stock of their economic fundamentals and intensify efforts to improve their current account and fiscal soundness. Read blog.
  • Tapping Technology to Maximize the Longevity Dividend in Asia
    11 May 2018
    This report explores the role and potential of technology in addressing economic and labor market opportunities and challenges posed by a rapidly graying Asia. See report.
  • ARIC launches the Data Center
    10 May 2018
    This knowledge-base is a collection of regional cooperation and integration data which aids in the monitoring and reporting of potential vulnerabilities, and also in providing insights on policy solutions for the Asia and the Pacific region. Visit page for more details. 
  • Conference: Towards Optimal Provision of Regional Public Goods in Asia and the Pacific
    9 May 2018
    ADB held a conference on the provision of regional public goods (RPGs) in Asia and the Pacific on 10-11 May 2018 at ADB Institute in Tokyo. The conference gathered leading academics, policymakers, and international organizations to discuss the theory, practice, and policy considerations of RPGs. Read more.
512 records    ( 1  to  10 )     1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8