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  • International conference on Regional Integration and Economic Resilience
    9 May 2017
  • Benefits of good governance outweigh the costs
    27 April 2017
    ADB Principal economist and ARIC Team Leader Jong Woo Kang's latest blog explains the role of good governance in ensuring efficient and fair allocation of resources.
  • Revisiting FDI and the international trade nexus
    17 April 2017
    Recent improvement in global economic outlook, largely due to better growth prospects in major economies and increase in trade flows, can be a boon for FDI. But as some countries pursue more inward looking economic policies, how would this bear on the link between international trade and investment?
  • Why penalizing imports is a bad idea
    10 April 2017
    Amid a growing lack of openness to trade, discussions on how to discourage imports are gaining momentum. Jong Woo Kang, ADB Principal Economist and ARIC Team Leader, explains why penalizing imports is a bad idea.  Read more here.
  • Regional Workshop on Promoting Connectivity through Trade Facilitation and Aid for Trade
    March 2017
    This workshop will be held 27-28 March 2017 at Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel, Republic of Korea. Jointly hosted by ADB, KCS, WTO, and KODAC, it's designed to examine the progress and impacts of trade facilitation and aid for trade on promoting connectivity in Asia and the Pacific, among others. Read more on the event details page. 
  • ARIC Economic and Financial Indicators Database now updated
    21 February 2017
    ARIC’s Economic and Financial Indicators database is now updated with a new look.  View and download Real and Prices, External Sector, and Monetary and Financial indicators, available for 48 ADB regional members from 1980 up to 2016 in monthly, quarterly, and annual frequencies.  
  • Changing Patterns of Trade and Global Value Chains in Postcrisis Asia
    February 2017
    Sophisticated and geographically dispersed global value chains have emerged as an important feature of Asia’s economic success, particularly in East Asia. This brief analyzes the export slowdown in real terms and in relation to real GDP growth for developing Asia and for major economies, focusing on the period since the crisis.
  • ADB Blog: What type of protectionism should we fear?
    January 2017
    ADB Principal Economist and ARIC Team Leader Jong Woo Kang discusses the possible repercussions of the US President's protectionist stance. Read the blog here.
  • ARIC FTA Database Update January 2017
    January 2017
    Asian FTAs continue to rise against the backdrop of growing trade protectionism. Three FTAs involving Asia came into force in 2016 while another three recently concluded negotiations. Numerous FTAs involving Asian economies and non-regional partners are currently being proposed suggesting Asia’s move to expand trade outside the region and explore new export markets.
  • Decoupling Asia revisited
    January 2017
    On the back of Emerging East Asia’s sustained high economic growth and deepening regional economic integration, hypothesis on the region’s macroeconomic independence and its resilience to global shocks gained considerable attention. This paper, written by Cyn-Young Park, Director of ADB Research Cooperation and Integration Division, examines Asia’s decoupling from the world economy, with a special focus on the region’s interdependence with the G3 economies—the US, Japan, and the EU.
471 records    ( 1  to  10 )     1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8