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  • How can the changing trade landscape reshape global imbalances?
    23 March 2018
    ADB's Principal Economist and ARIC's Project Leader, Jong Woo Kang, writes about the changing landscape of trade policies and how Asia must bolster domestic demand base against trade imbalances on his latest blog. 
  • CAREC 2030: Connecting the Region for Shared and Sustainable Development
    21 March 2018
    CAREC 2030 provides the new long-term strategic framework for the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program leading to 2030.  It is inspired by a mission to create an open and inclusive regional cooperation platform that connects people, policies and projects for shared and sustainable development.  
  • How do deepening global, regional value chains affect national export performance?
    19 February 2018
    Jong Woo Kang, ARIC's Project Leader and ADB's Principal Economist, talks about the evolving relationship between export performance and production network or value chains.
  • AEIR 2017 Infographic: How can Asia strengthen financial resilience?
    February 8 2018
    Continued support for financial reforms is crucial to ensuring Asia's financial resilience. View infographic and download the Asian Economic Integration Report. 
  • Call for Papers: Towards Optimal Provision of Regional Public Goods in Asia and the Pacific
    February 7 2018
    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and ADB Institute (ADBI) are co-organizing a two-day international conference to be held at the ADBI, Tokyo, Japan on 9–10 May 2018. This conference will gather experts to discuss the theory, practice, and policy implications of RPGs provision. For more details on submission of papers, click here
  • Aid for Trade in Asia and the Pacific: Promoting connectivity for inclusive development
    February 6 2018
    Since the launch of the Aid for Trade (AfT) initiative, AfT has been an important part of ADB's support for regional cooperation and integration, and inclusive development in Asia and the Pacific. The conference will discuss key findings from ADB's 2017 Aid for Trade report. For more details and to download the report, click here.
  • AEIR 2017 Infographic: Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation and Integration Index (ARCII)
    31 January 2018
    The newly-introduced ARCII aims to measure the extent and progress of regional cooperation and integration in Asia and the Pacific. View infographic and download the Asian Economic Integration Report (AEIR) 2017 here
  • AEIR 2017 Infographic: Tourism is growing rapidly in the region
    29 January 2018
    Tourism is looking up in Asia, with increased number of travelers and tourism receipts. View infographic and download the Asian Economic Integration Report (AEIR) 2017 here
  • AEIR 2017 Infographic: Asia is leading recovery in world trade
    26 January 2018
    Asia's trade volume growth surpassed that of world in 2016. View infographic and download the Asian Economic Integration Report (AEIR) 2017 here
  • AEIR 2017 Infographic: Asian financial markets continue to be more integrated globally than regionally
    24 January 2018
    Asia's cross-border assets continue to grow, further strengthening its linkages globally. View infographic and download the Asian Economic Integration Report (AEIR) 2017 here
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