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  • Call for Papers: Asian Economic Development Conference 2024
    22 November 2023
    ADB, ADB Institute, and Seoul National University will hold the 3rd Asian Economic Development Conference on 13–14 July 2024 in Seoul. Submit unpublished, high-quality, frontline research on development economic issues relevant to developing Asia and the Pacific. Register by 15 January 2024. Get more information here.
  • E-commerce Evolution in Asia and the Pacific: Opportunities and Challenges
    Nov 2023
    Noting the region makes up the largest share of the world’s online retail market, it tracks the impact of the pandemic and emphasizes the need to level the playing field for small businesses. It outlines ways for companies to measure their carbon footprint, highlights the potential risk of anti-competitive behavior, and explains the need to improve digital taxation policies in line with e-commerce’s rapid growth. Read more.
  • Factors Affecting Carbon Dioxide Emissions Embodied in Trade
    Sep 2023
    While stricter environmental regulations help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from domestic production, leading to lower CO2 emissions embodied in exports, stricter regulations on the importing side lead to higher CO2 emissions embodied in imports. Read more.
  • An Assessment of Rules of Origin in RCEP and ASEAN+1 Free Trade Agreements
    17 October 2023
    This report analyzes how to detangle and simplify the complex product-specific rules of origin (PSRO) in free trade agreements in Asia and the Pacific and explores how PSRO convergence can cut red tape and reduce inefficiencies impacting trade. Read it here.
  • 2023 Trade Finance Gaps, Growth, and Jobs Survey
    05 September 2023
    The 2023 Trade Finance Gaps, Growth, and Jobs Survey indicates that the global trade finance gap reached $2.5 trillion in 2022, impacting economic growth and development. Find out more about the trade finance gap here
  • RCI-POD #32: Integrated Approach to Trade and Transportation Facilitation
    07 August 2023
    This webinar will discuss the findings and policy recommendations of the report Integrated Approach to Trade and Transport Facilitation. The webinar will also examine a comprehensive trade and transport facilitation approach that is technology-driven, sustainable, resilient, and inclusive. Details and registration found here.
  • Pacific Economic Monitor – August 2023: COVID-19 and the Pacific Three Years On
    03 August 2023
    Pacific economies are bouncing back as tourism recovers and infrastructure projects resume, but inflationary pressures and vulnerability to natural hazards remain downside risks. Read the latest issue of the Pacific Economic Monitor here to learn more. 
  • 2023 Trade Finance Gaps, Growth, and Jobs Survey | DEADLINE EXTENDED: 15 JULY 2023
    30 June 2023
    This survey aims to to identify global market gaps in trade finance. Results will help policy makers, regulators, and financial institutions better understand gaps and opinions on how they can be closed. Deadline has been extended until 15 July. Take part in the survey here. For inquiries, contact
  • Four Ways to Accelerate Tourism Recovery in Asia
    March 2023
    This blog features four key ways to bring in more international visitors into Asia and the Pacific, highlighting the role of bilateral and regional agreements, infrastructure improvement, and skills development. Read more here.
  • Asian Impact Webinar: Asian Economic Integration Report (AEIR) 2023
    February 2023
    The webinar on 15 Feb 2023, 3-4 PM (Manila time) will present key findings of the theme chapter of the AEIR 2023 on Trade, Investment, and Climate Change in Asia and the Pacific, and discuss how the right mix of policies and governance systems can make trade and investment an important part of the climate solution. Register here.
634 records    ( 1  to  10 )     1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8