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Macroeconomic Indicators
Regional Cooperation and Integration database:

Integration Indicators

The ARIC Integration Indicators Database is an interactive database that features a set of regional and global indicators that monitor Asia's progress on regional and global cooperation and integration. Covering the 49 regional members of the ADB, the database has 42 regional indicators comprised by 24 trade indicators (including 13 trade indicators by commodity, 2 foreign direct investment (FDI) indicators, 10 money and finance indicators, and 6 movement of people indicators. It also has 5 global indicators comprised by 2 trade indicators and 3 FDI indicators. Examples of indicators include intraregional trade, FDI, portfolio and remittance shares. Downloading data takes only a few steps—

  1. select the indicator(s),
  2. select the reporter(s) – economies and groupings may be selected at the same time,
  3. select the partner(s) – economies and groupings may be selected at the same time,
  4. in period, adjust the starting and ending year.

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