Future of Regional Cooperation in Asia and the Pacific

Edited by Bambang Susantono and Cyn-Young Park

Consisting of papers contributed by renowned scholars and Asian Development Bank staff, the book covers four major areas: public goods, trade and investment, financial cooperation, and regional health cooperation. The book emphasizes how the region can better leverage regional integration to realize its vast potential as well as overcome challenges such as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Regional Public Goods

  • Regional Public Goods: Conceptual Foundations
    (Scott Barrett)
  • Regional Public Goods and Their Technologies of Aggregation
    (Todd Sandler)
  • Benefits and Spillover Effects of Infrastructure: A Spatial Econometric Approach
    (Kijin Kim, Junkyu Lee, Manuel Leonard Albis, and Ricardo Ang III)
  • Measuring the Economic Impacts of Cross-Border Infrastructure and Technology: CGE Analysis
    (Chang-Soo Lee, Junkyu Lee, and Kijin Kim)
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Trade and Investment

  • Trade Facilitation and Aid for Trade for Inclusive Trade in Asia and the Pacific(Kijin Kim and Fahad Khan)
  • Factory Asia: The Determinants of Multinational Activity in the Context of Global Value Chains(Natalia Ramondo)
  • Policy Factors Influencing FDI Inflows: A Comprehensive Analysis(Hyun-Hoon Lee)
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Financial Cooperation

  • Financial Cycles and Crises in Asia(Stijn Claessens)
  • Three Decades of International Financial Crises: What Have We Learned and What Still Needs to Be Done?(Ross P. Buckley, Emilios Avgouleas, and Douglas W. Arner)
  • Financial Integration in Asia and the Pacific: Challenges and Prospects(Cyn-Young Park, Peter Rosenkranz, and Mara Claire Tayag)
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Building Resilience

  • Global Shortage of Personal Protective Equipment amid COVID-19: Supply Chains, Bottlenecks, and Policy Implications(Cyn-Young Park, Kijin Kim, Susann Roth, Steven Beck, Jong Woo Kang, Mara Claire Tayag, and Michael Griffin)
  • Managing Health Threats through Regional and Intersectoral Cooperation(Megan Counahan, Sonalini Khetrapal, Jane Parry, Gerard Servais, and Susann Roth)
  • Carbon Market Cooperation to Build a Low-Carbon Future(Virender Kumar Duggal)
  • Regional Cooperation and Integration for Ocean Health and a Sustainable Blue Economy(Lisa Kircher Pagkalinawan, Anna Oposa, and Eva McGovern)
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