AEIR 2021

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Macroeconomic Indicators
Regional Cooperation and Integration database:

2021 AEIR Data Catalogue

A compilation of all figures and tables from the Asian Economic Integration Reports. Download data in CSV or follow links to view specific figure or table from the report.

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    Managing Globalization and Regional Integration Post-COVID-19
    Trade and the Global Value Chains
    Cross-Border Investment
    Financial Integration
    Movement of People
    Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation and Integration Index
    Updates on Subregional Cooperation Initiatives
    Theme Chapter: Making Digital Platforms Work for Asia and the Pacific
    Statistical Appendix
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Global COVID-19 Confirmed Cases, By Region (million)
Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Stringency Index—Asia, 2020
Intraregional Trade Value Growth—Asia (%, y-o-y)
Foreign Direct Investments—Selected Economies
Nonresident Portfolio Flows—Emerging Asia ($ billion)
Growth in Tourist and Visitor Arrivals—Selected Economies (%, y-o-y)
Remittances to Selected Countries in Asia, January-November 2020 (% change)
Economic Growth Forecasts for 2020 (%)
Change in Poverty Headcount and Trade Openness (% points)
Trade in Services Growth—Developing Asia (%, y-o-y)
G20 Action Plan in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Areas of Subregional Cooperation Efforts to Promote Recovery Post-COVID-19
Monthly Trade, by Value and Volume—Asia
Monthly Trade Volume Growth—NIEs, PRC, and Selected ASEAN (%, y-o-y, 3-month moving average)
Global Business Confidence and Asia’s Trade Volume Growth
Global Trade—Weekly Indicators (Z-scores)
Number of Port Calls by Region
Merchandise Trade Volume and Real GDP Growth—Asia and World (%, year-on-year)
Trade Value—Asia and World
Intraregional Trade Shares—Asia, European Union, and North America (%)
Intraregional Trade Shares by Asian Subregions (%)
GVC and RVC Participation Rates (%)
RVC-GVC Intensity—Asia, European Union, and North America
RVC-GVC Trade Intensity, by Major Sector—Asia
Overall RVC and GVC Participation—Selected Asian Economies
Complex RVC and GVC Participation—Selected Asian Economies
Backward Global Value Chain Linkages
Forward Global Value Chain Linkages
Impact of Reshoring on Exports (%)