Money and Finance

Small and Medium Enterprise Finance Initiative (SME/FI)

The Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia & the Pacific (ADFIAP), the Association of Development Finance Institutions in Malaysia (ADFIM) and the International Trade Centre (ITC) have come together to embark on an undertaking called SME Finance Initiative (SME/FI), pooling their respective experiences, expertise and resources in the continued promotion of SME development through the provision of finance and other support services to this economic sector.


Formally launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on September 12, 2005 during the International CEO Forum on SMEs, the SME/FI is a knowledge cum business network that put together development banks, other specialized financial institutions and development organizations in different countries to discuss and address specific issues in the financing of and other support services to SMEs.

The purpose of the Initiative is to enable and promote an international exchange of information, experiences, and best practices on financing SMEs among banking and finance professionals and institutions and to further improve the development and growth of the SME sector. The SME/FI aims to eventually evolve into the largest public/private partnership of like-minded institutions in sustaining SMEs.