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Southeast Asian Water Utilities Network (SEAWUN)

The Southeast Asia Water Utilities Network (SEAWUN) is a regional network of water supply and sanitation utilities and national water associations established in August 2002. SEAWUN’s goal is to help members improve performance in delivering water supply and sanitation services. As of 19 September 2005, the members are composed of 25 water utilities and five water associations from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam and a knowledge partner/consulting company from Australia.


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has supported SEAWUN from its conception. ADB’s regional technical assistance (RETA) for Regulatory Systems and Networking of Water Utilities and Regulatory Bodies enabled water utility managers and utility association officials from Southeast Asia to form a utilities network. Through another RETA, Promoting Effective Water Management Policies and Practices (Phase 3), ADB has supported SEAWUN’s efforts to build its administrative and operational capabilities, membership base, and financial self-sufficiency.


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