AEIR 2022


Technology and Aging Workforce: Maximize the Gains from Longevity and Long Working Life

17–18 May 2018
Seoul, Republic of Korea

This event serves as an inception workshop to explore this emerging research agenda though the presentations of innovative papers by invited scholars and experts. The workshop aims to cover the following theme, among others:

  1. Evaluation of the impact of demographic change and technology on labor productivity (or any of the causal relationships among the three) including that of youth and the elderly.
  2. Job creation and substitution effects of new technology particularly focusing on young and aging workforce.
  3. Patterns and determinants of labor force participation and productivity among workers by age groups/cohorts over time
  4. Assessment of the education/training needs of developing countries to cope with technological advancement
  5. Evaluations and case studies of educational and vocational program to boot productivity and employability of workers for “future jobs.”
  6. Role of regional cooperation in addressing the challenges associated with the impact of demographic change and advancing technology on productivity and jobs; in areas such as human capital and skills development, access to technology, and cross-border labor and student mobility.

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Expert Workshop for AEIR 2019 Theme Chapter: Population Aging, Productivity, and the Role of Technology in Asia

28 November 2018
Manila, Philippines

This workshop, which serves as a preparatory meeting for 2019 Asian Economic Integration Report theme chapter, brings together regional and international experts to share research and knowledge, to identify existing gaps in research and to discuss on the outline of the report.

  1. What are the effects of age, aging and demographic change on labor productivity and growth in Asia or other advanced aging economies, and how are innovations and technology adoptions relate to the effects?
  2. How do skills, occupations, workplace and the labor market respond to age, aging and demographic changes and how technologies can be instrumental to the response? and how technologies can be instrumental to the response?
  3. What are the effective policy measures to foster the virtuous cycle of population aging, technology adoption, and sustained productivity growth and development?
  4. How can Asia, which consists of countries with diverse population profiles, cooperate to maximize the gains from demographic transitions and dividends as a region?

Download the Expert workshop for AEIR 2019 Theme Chapter agenda